Title: LOU
Published by: Independent Publishing
Release Date: 2020
Genre: ,
Pages: 324
ISBN13: 9798645665753
ASIN: B08913KKQ8



Free-spirited Louana Kareem’s luck was finally turning up. Following a harsh life filled with loss, betrayal, abuse, and heartbreak, she lands a high-profiled consultancy position in a multinational firm. But just when life was going smoothly and everything was finally falling in place, she’s suddenly plunged into a whirlwind adventure where she comes face to face with her inner demons.
Five countries, an assassination plot, a Sultan, a General, a Russian oligarch and one woman who will stop at nothing to defy all odds.
From the daughter of a distinguished diplomat to a broken and lost girl at an orphanage to the most royal of royals, Louana Kareem’s life journey has just begun.